Korea Tour

The Mystery that is Korea

Korea is one of the most beautiful and yet unexplored regions of East Asia. It is truly a mystery as to why this slice of heaven has not got the kind of exposure it needs when there are so many places that are “hot spots” on the tourist map when they really don’t deserve that place. With its pine laden mountain peaks, tantalizingly refreshing sights of green and white paddy fields, and astounding natural beauty, a Korea tour is truly a joyful experience for the global wanderer and the family tourist group too.

The Magical Blend

There is an indomitable spirit that has contributed in the country recovering repeatedly from troubled times. Despite the setbacks, the Koreans have managed to maintain their cultural and historical heritage intact, which is evident to anybody who sets foot on the peninsula. South Korea is a mystery for most travellers as the casual tourist has explored little here. Though the country has staggering natural beauty, Korea also has some amazing surprises for the urban crowd with markets that offer an exhaustive shopping experience.

The Koreans are a hospitable people. They are extremely proud of their culture and are always eager to impress and please tourists who come to visit their country. Their friendly nature will surprise you and you are bound to experience hospitality like you have never seen before.

What You Can’t Miss

The bustling city of Seoul welcomes thousands of tourists every year. A Seoul tour is full of surprises and sights that you will never see anywhere else in the world. Slip into secluded oblivion in Insadong Tearooms where you get to savour the rare traditional brews. Your Seoul tour must include a visit to the Huwon in Changdeokgung Palace, which offers a calm and tranquil spot to just relax and take in the beauty of the secret garden behind a grand palace, which is a UNESCO-listed site in Central Seoul. Another spot you cannot miss on your South Korea tour is the JeonjuHanok Village where you can opt to spend the night in a traditional wooden Hanok house. If you are looking for an experience to get down and dirty on your Korea tour, the Boryeong mud festival is something you cannot miss.

Keep your spirits up on your Seoul tour with Korea’s local rice wine, Makkeolli. If your idea of fun is to catch a ferry and lose yourself on a sail, you will really enjoy the tour of the West Sea islands as you glide across more than three thousand islands surrounding Korea’s western coast.

The city of Seoul never sleeps and the Dongdaemun market is testimony to this. Operational 24 hours, this spot provides a rich blend of sights and sounds that creates the most exciting shopping environment. Relish the mouth-wateringGalbi, which is one of the most fun foods to eat. Another spot that you just cannot afford to miss on your South Korea tour is the city of Gyeongju, which is the most traditional city in Korea.

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