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Korea has a rich cultural heritage that is punctuated by a strong resilient nature that has enabled the country to bounce back from the most troubled history time and again. Korea is a land of festivals. There are virtually hundreds of festivals being celebrated across the country. As a result, at any point in time during your Korea tourism, you are bound to stumble across at least a couple of festivals. Most of the Korean festivals have a religious undertone with Confucian and animist elements in the mix. There is a high concentration of festivity around the Spring-Autumn seasons; however, there are festivals throughout the year that are fun to witness.

What to do and what not to do during your visit to Korea

The Koreans are a fun loving lot and the level of hospitality you are offered when you arrive on Korea tourism will surprise you. They are eager to show how proud they are of their culture and lifestyle. You can be totally relaxed as the Koreans encourage foreigners to get involved in their festivities and you are bound to make friends very quickly.

As part of Korea tourism, you will need to have a deep understanding of the cultural etiquettes. Korea has a deep Confucian influence and there are so many ways that you can offend the locals without knowing it. Having said this, Koreans are particularly tolerant to tourists who make a visible effort to get things right.

Koreans generally do a lot of bowing. There’s a high likelihood that you will overdo this. This is not only unnecessary, but can also be mistaken to be rude as it may seem that you are making fun of them. A short and brief bend forward with your eyes closed and your gaze towards the ground would do great in normal circumstances. There are also some things to remember when you handle your chopsticks. You cannot leave the chopsticks in the bowl, as this just does not sit right with the Koreans. The correct way to position your chopsticks when not in use is to keep them on the rim of your bowl.

Gender is another aspect of consideration. Women are expected to respect males and wearing revealing clothing can cause a great deal of embarrassment among the local crowd, so conservative dressing would make things easier for you even if your fashion sensitivities are crushed momentarily.

During your Korea tourism, in the event that you are invited to a home, bringing a gift would be a good icebreaker. You can’t go wrong with some chocolates, flowers, or fruit. You are likely to be met with refusal the first couple of times; however, you need to insist and they will finally accept your gift thankfully. Another aspect that you need to remember in this setting is the manner in which you receive gifts. When you receive a gift, make sure to support your receiving hand from underneath with your other hand.

Koreans are ardent fans of the business card. When you meet with somebody for commercial reasons, make sure to carry with you a cardholder. It is considered impolite to shove a business card that you have just received into your pocket or wallet.

Just keep these things in perspective and your Korea tourism experience would be on the positive side.

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