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Heung-ch’um (Folk Dance)

A well-known improvisational folk dance, Heung- chum, the dance of ecstasy, is based on characteristic Korean dance gestures and movements. The most distinctive movement is the suspended position, balancing on one foot with the free leg extended while the...


Suwon Hwaseong

It is registered as UNESCO cultural heritage and it used mixed construction method using bricks and stones which makes it very unique and special. Influenced by the trend pursuing practical study, a new construction machine called ‘geojungki’ was invented and used.

Green tea farm

It feels like we are being purified because of the green color from green tea. Green tea is cultivated and harvested on the vast area of farms. Especially one side of the green tea farm is composed in the fashion of stairs which will give you a great view.




It is the best beach resort in Korea where a tremendous number of people are gathered every summer. It was registered on guiness book as a place with the most number of parasols.  A numerous number of shops and hotels are here and it has a great night view which attracts many tourists.

Seopjikoji Coast


It is the best tourism site in Korea located in the extreme southern end. It is warm all the year round and it is specialized in tourism, so that you cannot wait to have a picture taken wherever you may go. It is Asia’s best island resort.



Hyondai motor company

It is a study tour of the world’s fifth grade car company. You can feel everything about cars and it will be a great memory and study.



Hanryo Haesang national park

It is an integration of 360 big and small islands in the south sea area and appointed as ocean national park. Nature remains intact and it is common that you can see animals and plants which are being endangered of extinction. There are also many scenic spots related to wars.


Pohang steel company

It is the best opportunity to have a study tour of the world’s best steel mill. This place is producing everything related to steel. After Korean War, the Koreans, whether they are government or people or companies, became one spirit and...


Geojae shipbuilding site

Korea is number one in shipbuilding. With the great shipbuilding skills they have developed warships like ‘Geobukseon’ and many other transportation means. This is one of the best shipbuilding sites and it is delivering all kinds of ships including icebreakers...


Independence memorial museum

It is the museum which shows, very concretely, all the oppressions and pains of Koreans and their efforts towards independence during the 36 years of Japanese rule. The exhibited things are very important ones that will make you feel...


Kyongjoo, city of culture

There are many historical structures and remains all over the city, so that the city itself is called ‘tourism city’. Especially Seokgulam and Bulguksa are appointed as world cultural heritage and they deserve to be called ‘the summit place of oriental buddhism’...


Ahndong Hahoi village

It is a Korean village registered on UNESCO where the whole village people live in unique Korean fashion. You can experience traditional weddings, Confucianism culture, traditional way of life which will be a great moment for you.


Busan film festival street

It is the space where Busan film festival, which is the biggest film festival in Asia, is being held every year. Jagalchi market, which is one of the famous fishery markets and ‘fashion rodeo’ are located in the nearby area. The atmosphere coming from...


Kimchi museum

While Koreans has eaten kimchi from generation to generation they did not think much of its taste and dietetics. However around 10 years ago they began to propagate that it is excellent not only in taste but also in dietetics. You can find out everything about...


Han river excursion ship

Korea is called ‘ miracle of Han river’ because it has rebuilt itself within a short period of time after Korean War. Actually Koreans used this river well and gained the growth engine of economy. You can look around Seoul slowly...


Lotte World

It is a big-scaled indoor theme park. Compared to other countries it is quite cheap. However, it is located in downtown area it boasts many convenient facilities and clean environment. It has dome-like ceiling enabling people...


Roadside tree- street

It is a newly emerged hot place of Seoul. The artists who used to be actively working in the expensive Gangnam area moved to this area for economic reason and with people gathering because of shootings of movies and dramas it is being changed into tourism attraction...


Bookak mountain skyway

Bookak mountain, which holds Chongwadae in its arms, are not wide open like Namsan for military and security reasons but its view is no less beautiful than Namsan. In 1968 31 special agents of North Korea invaded Chongwadae through this mountain and..



It is a place where the president of Korea dwells and works.  It has, for a long time, been closed off from ordinary people but currently it opens its own front garden to the people. The rumor has it that there exist...



Namsam Hanok village

It is a traditional Hanok village located in Namsan and you can experience a variety of cultural events including various traditional plays and ‘hanbok’ wearing. There is a time capsule which houses the goods used in 1994 and it is to be opened in 400 years...

당 국립중앙박물관

National Museum

Korea, which has history of more than 5 thousand years, has its own history and culture to fit its fame. This is a one stop museum which gives you a whole glance of Korea and its history. You can look at the history of the republic of Korea...


63 building

While it used to be the highest building representing Korea, it has already given its title to other buildings. However its function and prestige are still intact and in this building there are convenient facilities including I-max theater, museums, aquarium, art museum,...

½Å³ª´Â ÀÌÅ¿ø Áö±¸ÃÌ ÃàÁ¦

Itaewon special tourists district

It is the first tourists’ district in Seoul. More foreigners come here than any other place in Seoul. While it is an exotic place which looks like an outdated place its goods are diverse from the cheapest untaxed goods to luxury brands. There are...


Namdaemun market

It is a traditionally representative market of Korea. Because of its location which is the center of Seoul there had been so many shoppers gathered here in the past because of its easy access with public transportation such as buses and the subways...

당 홍대


It is the center of culture where young people visit quite often with numerous places for performance and ‘Indiband’ at its center. Because it is geographically located around colleges, most people are youngsters and it is a lively place where a variety of music and...

당 명동



It is the place where the most number of people gather in Korea. It is one of the must-visit places and its access is convenient because it is located in downtown area. It is a place where so many tourists are gathered all the year round. It is quite unique in that...

당 용산전자상가

Yongsan electronics mall

It is electronics shopping mall which has long and representative history. Once it was boomed with people but now it is experiencing deep recession due to the development of internet and economic recession. However, this place is still enjoying good business because...



It is a traditional Korean street and it is filled not only with goods and restaurants but also with museums and coffee shops. In the past the roads used to be soil to emphasize...


Apgujeong, Chongdamdong

It leads Korea fashion and trend and each shop and the streets in this area are filled with luxury goods which are harmonized with the differentiated and classy atmosphere of this area. It is so common here to see famous ‘Korean wave entertainers’...



It is the exhibition and convention center and shopping mall which is considered the best in the whole oriental societies and it is located in Gangnam area of Seoul. It is being used as a place of international conference

당1 동대문

Dongdaemun shopping center

Dongdaemun shopping center operates 24 hours because there are numerous shoppers buying goods even at midnights and early mornings and unlike other areas it is good in public security which is another reason for that.


Namsan Tower

There is a tower in the top area of Namsan which is located in the center of Seoul and you can have a tremendously wonderful night view of the whole Seoul from the high place. Large enough to be called the grand city ...


Gyeongbokgung (Gyeongbok palace)

Seoul is a capital city of Korea and it has been playing its role for over 600 years. Kyongbokgung, which is in the center of Seoul, is a place where actual king lived and managed national affairs and its meaning is ‘be blessed’ which is the origin of the name.



It is a type of accommodation where you can stay with other travelers from all over the world. In the past the number of this kind of hostels was quite rare but now it is rapidly increasing.





It can be a great option if you stay just one or two nights there even though it will be a little more inconvenient than hotels. There are numerous motels everywhere and you will be a lucky person...



Like other countries Korea also has grand brand hotels and moderate priced hotels in downtown areas. As you know well, first grade hotels guarantee safe, comfortable, and pleasurable stay though they are a little bit expensive.

당 삼게탕

Samgyetang (Boiled chicken soup)

It is food where sticky rice, ginseng and jujube are put into chicken meat and boiled. Because it is unique and the taste is exotic and also it has been developed for our health you can enjoy the deep flavor of oriental world.

당 막걸리

Maggeolli (Rice wine)

It is liquor made with fermented rice and while it is soft and thin it intoxicates people quietly which feels good. It can be a great choice because it is as cheap as soju.

당 소주

Soju ( Korean distilled spirits)

It is distilled water, mixed with alcohol and it comes in cheap price and large amount. It is toxic and has so called ‘after affect’ which divides people into two groups (people who likes it and doesn’t like it) it is bitter and toxic while it has different manufacturers nation wide.


Samgyopsal (Pork belly)

It is the most popular pork food. It is common that samgyopsal(a part of pork) is placed on fire pan and dipped in the traditional sauce (gochoojang) with various vegetables. It is most favored among workers


Nangmyon (Cold noodle)

It is the best summer time noodle. Myon, made with buckwheat, should be eaten with ice and meat soup to enjoy cool taste. In Korea, it is a messenger of summer and in summer it beats ramyon in popularity.

당 양념치킨

Seasoned chicken

It can be called Korean version of KFC. It is general fried chicken coated with traditional sweet and hot sauce. The combination of seasoned chicken and beer is the best menu among Koreans in summer nights.


Potbingsoo (adzuki-bean ice dessert )

It is food that represents summer where ground ice is covered with sweet red beans, bananas, kiwis, strawberries and jelly and it is mixed with milk. It can be a meal in hot summer days and it is a necessity in summer...

당 호떡

Hottok (Sweet korean pancake)

It is street food where flour and sticky rice powder is mixed and sweetened with sugar and honey finally being cooked flat. It is a must-eat because it is cheap and sweet.

당 호박죽

Pumpkin soup

It is porridge made from pumpkin, red bean, rice powder and it is sweet with no artificial additives. It is deemed to be the best porridge among westerners.

당 닭볶음탕

Dakbokkeumtang (Chicken roast)

Its main ingredient is chicken and potatoes and it is located between ‘Tang’, which is large amount of soup and Jjim, which has no soup in it. It has deep taste and flavor with diverse sauce and vegetables.

당 식혜

Shikke (Sweet rice cake)

It is a traditional Korean drink made with rice. It is sweet and its unique taste is seen only in Korea and it is a healthy food.

당 떡

Ddeok (Rice cake)

It is steamed rice which is Korea’s staple food and it has many kinds in it. Koreans never fail to eat it on traditional holidays and when somebody moves into a new town and some business is going to open, Koreans always feed their neighbors with it.


Ramyon (Korean hot noodle)

Korea , along with Japan, is one of the best ramyon consumers in the world. Its merit is it’s cheap and easy to cook. There is a unique story where, after Korean War, North Korean leader Kim Ilsung gave up on reinvasion


Kimbab (Korean roll rice)

It is food where seaweed is rolled with cooked rice whose main ingredient is cucumber, carrots, sweetened radish, crab meat, ham. Its ingredient can be diverse from cheese and meat to tuna and fried bean curd and it is nearly always seen with Ddeokbokki because it is cheap and convenient to eat.


Jabche (mixed dish of vegetables and beef)

It is a representative party food where starch noodles are fried with longlishly cut onions, spinach, bean sprouts, and carrots. It is a necessity when at a party or special events. It is not too hot so it is easily eaten.


Ssambab (Rice wrapped in greens)

It is food which wraps cooked rice, seasoned with beef and vegetables, in ingredient like sesame leaves or lettuce. It can be rather uncharacteristic but it is not stimulating which is another reason for people to enjoy.

선 파전

Pajeon ( Green-onion pancake)

Main ingredient is dough and longishly cut green onions and it is cooked with meat and kimchi, etc. Accompanied by maggalli, which is another traditional drink, it is the best combination. It is loved by Koreans especially when it rains.

설렁탕 당

Seoleongtang (Ox bone soup)

Many different parts of cow are put into a big bowl with water and cook enough for more than 10 hours which is also called summer time healthy food. It is seasoned with ginger, green onions, garlic and when eating, the taste is adjustable with salt and pepper depending on individuals.


Galbijjim (Beef-rib stew)

IT is high-end food whose greasiness is taken out of ribs and gets steamed with other ingredient which is radish, carrots, mushrooms, chestnuts, jujubes. Because galbi sauce is difficult to cook and complicated

비빔밥 당

Bibimbab (boiled rice with assorted mixtures)

It is cooked rice, the staple food of Korea, which is mixed with every ingredient such as bean sprouts, spinach, radish, eggs, beef, pumpkins, cucumber, and mushrooms after will be too spicy for you.



It is one of the representative foods of Korea which salts ingredients such as radish, cabbage, cucumber and young radish in low-concentrated salt and mixes them with seasonings like red pepper, green onion, garlic, ginger ...


Boolgogi (Korean barbeque)

It is one of the representative foods of Korea. It is seasoned food or tender meat which is sliced thin. Especially, the sauce including bean sauce and a variety of vegetables and fruit juice makes it a perfect food.


Hot spring, spa

There are so many hot springs all over in Korea and there is a saying that Kings sought to release their fatigue visiting hot springs scattered in the country. It is effective for rheumatism, skin diseases and extremely effective for recovering from fatigue.


Jjimjilbang (Korean indoor spa)

This is an upgraded version of public bath. This is one and only in Korea and it combined ‘ondol’ which is a heating and cooling structure of Korea with the existing public bath and it is categorized by function and by theme.


Samsung experience hall

Samsung is Korea’s representative brand and Korea is the best IT powerhouse. You can use and purchase hundreds of Samsung’s TVs, cameras, tablet PCs here. It is emerging as a hot place for all of that.


Folk village experience

It is no exaggeration to say that it is called ‘definitive edition’ of experience. You can experience many useful and diverse things. Here you can experience almost all the things about Korea’s traditional culture


Taekwondo experience

You can learn Korea’s traditional martial arts and watch it played. Taekwondo, which is the official Olympic game, thinks more of defense and less of offense. It is peace oriented martial art.


Nanta performance

It is the soundless performance using just gestures and it greatly harmonizes with ‘samulnori’, Korea’s traditional music. Since its first performance in 1997 it has been played more than 10,000 times.


Traditional food making

It is the experience for you to make kimchi, the representative Korean food, and you can take it out to your place. It is healthy food and you can enjoy it at your own house. In the past it was common that people got together to make it

선 템플스테이

Temple Stay

About half of Koreans are Buddhists. Buddhism influenced Korea’s cultural aspects so much, so that you can go to a temple where you can eat and sleep and experience the quiet life given by the atmosphere which comes from nature.


China making

Koreas, from the ancient times, have been known to have talent in china making. It is not necessary to say that Koreans even went to Japan and China to convey their talents and it is also not necessary to say that Korea is the best in this field.


Hanok experience

You can experience Korea’s unique dwelling space which is called ‘Hanok’. The most distinctive point about it is that it combined ‘ondol’, the heating system, and ‘Maru’ the cooling system into one.

Samkwang Temple

Every year, around Buddha’s birthday, the biggest Lotus Lantern Festival in Busan is held at Samkwang Temple.The entire temple is strung with countless lotus lanterns and lanterns of other creative forms.


The Garden of Morning Calm

The Garden of Morning Calm is a beautifully designed and balanced arboretum in Gapyeong, run by a professor of horticulture.


Donglim Reservoir, Gochang

Every year, more than 200,000 spectacled teals (the color takes its name from the bird) fly about in an orderly manner above this beautiful reservoir, which was voted "Kingdom of migratory birds" in 2004 in a national survey.


Suncheon Bay

One of the biggest coastal marshes in the world, Suncheon Bay is home to countless plants and marine life and features the biggest field of reeds (5.4 kilometers squared) in Korea.


Nami Island

Despite the fact that Nami Island is a place of historical interest (the island is named after Minister Nami, a Minister of War during the Chosun Dynasty), most visitors come to stroll down the famous Metasequoia road


Yang Dong Traditional Village

The nature and culture of this village remains the same as it was during the Chosun Dynasty.One of the most recent additions to the UNESCO world heritage list, the village has featured famous guests such as Prince Charles and Ban Ki-Moon.


Haeundae Beach

Hundreds of thousands frequent to this renowned beach every summer, but summer is not the only season you can see some flesh at Haeundae -- the Polar Bear Festival is held every January, when contestants leap in the cold ocean screaming and laughing.


Halla Mountain

This fairy-tale sight of snowflakes and icicles covering tree branches on Halla Mountain were the inspiration for the Halla Snow Festival that was held late January/early February every year.



For a small country road, Cheongsando marks a lot of "firsts" -- it is the world’s first "Slow Road" in Asia’s first "Slow City".It doesn’t take long to realize why it is called "Slow Road" -- one’s pace naturally slackens to fall in with the pace of the rest of the island.


Kwanghan Pavilion

Kwanghan Pavilion is the setting of Chunhyangjeon, one of Korea's most famous folk tales.


Hyeopjae Beach, Jeju Island

This white sandy beach is perfect for families with its shallow water (average depth of 1.2 meters), nearby amenities, and camping in the pine forest surrounding the beach.


Cheongdo Bull Fighting Festival

As the biggest bull fighting festival in Korea, Cheongdo Bull Fighting Festival attracts around half a million people every year.


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